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‘How much will a trip to Dubai cost?

Dubai has always served as a beautiful place for tourists. There are some beautiful places in Dubai from which you cannot resist your eyes from enjoying the beautiful sights. Once in your life, try to visit this captivating place. Tourists can gain a memorable experience by visiting Burj Khalifa or the Arabian Desert. However, the desert safari Dubai cost per person and all over the price for a trip to Dubai is high.

While planning to travel Dubai don’t forget about expenses incurred in everything for the trip. Dubai is a luxurious city, and it will cost you a lot to stay there. Make sure you have enough money to cover all expense. The desert safari Dubai cost per person varies in different companies.




What are the charges for a trip to Dubai?


First of all, you have to choose a cheaper but safer mode of travel. Find a reliable company that will offer you the best services and traveling experience. The currency used in Dubai is Emirati Dirhams and 100 AED = $27. You have to pay around AED 1,067 which is the average cost of daily traveling in Dubai. For an adventure in the Arabian Desert, the desert safari Dubai cost per person is AED 200 and AED 150 for a child.


If you are staying in Dubai, then manage your money quite well.  The costs of food, accommodation, and others vary from AED 3 to AED 600.


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